Estes Echo

The leaders of the Estes congregation believe financial planning for the future is an important part of our spiritual lives and are providing an estate planning seminar to help each family get their financial house in order. This seminar, provided by professionals, is presented free of charge. Further individual planning sessions may be scheduled after the seminar has concluded (at no additional cost and no future obligation).

The seminar teaches God’s principles of money management in simple terms and highlights the blessings that come from putting these principles into practice. The professionals conducting the seminar sell no other products or services. They are prepared to give each participant hope and motivation to wisely manage the assets God has placed in their care. You will learn the benefits and blessings of understanding and living by the Biblical principles of money management. You will also learn why it is so important to create your own estate plan and how these Biblical principles can help you do this.

The timeless lessons on money management from the Bible are important for Christians of all ages. The young are learning the importance of living within financial restrictions while giving to the Lord. Matured couples see how the promises of God really are fulfilled in an abundant manner. Older couples want to make certain their own needs and those of their loved ones are taken care of. All of these are addressed with Biblical wisdom in an enjoyable, easy-to-apply way.

Imagine what the church could do if these statements applied to each of our families:

  • Out of debt and free of financial worries
  • Building wealth, while maintaining a Christian perspective
  • Giving as they prospered
  • Believing God when He said that He would bless those who bless others
  • Teaching their children about money management and financial priorities
  • Appreciating the fact that everything belongs to God
  • At peace from knowing that they had enough to live on for the rest of their lives
  • Wrote letters to heirs concerning the spiritual values that they want to pass on
  • Had a current estate plan which took care of them, their heirs, and the church

The Estate Planning Seminar for Christians will meet from 9-11 am in Room 5 on Saturday, January 30. So that we will know how many copies of materials to provide, please RSVP to or sign the list on the Activities’ Board.