Estes Echo

Special Servants
(but not the only servants)

The word “deacon” comes from “diakonos” which is translated “servant.” Deacons are appointed because there is a service to be rendered. They are not appointed just so we can say that we have deacons at Estes. Authority is given to the deacons by the elders to perform a specific work that needs to be done, but we cannot expect the deacons to do all of the work. Every member at Estes has work he or she can do to further the cause of Christ.

We are blessed at Estes with a great group of hard working deacons. In I Timothy 3:8-13 we find the qualifications of deacons. If you haven’t read that passage recently, may we suggest you do so. The elders at Estes wish to put forward the names of twelve men we think meet these qualifications and have proven themselves worthy of the office of a deacon. These men are listed here along with the areas of work they will be involved in:

  • Jonathan Estes College Age Class and Activities
  • Jonathan Harrison Incite/Benevolence
  • Ryan Hysmith Haiti Missions
  • Jim Jones Member Support Services
  • Nathan Kitchen Sound Booth
  • Greg Massey Benevolence/Haiti Missions
  • Kevin Moore Local Outreach
  • Jeremy Northrop Member Support Services
  • Davis Parten Move In Service
  • Brent Rudder Lads to Leaders
  • Mark Scott Education Director (Adult Classes)
  • Trent Scott Website/Advertising/Incite

As is our custom at Estes, the congregation will be given a period of about two weeks to carefully consider these men in light of I Timothy 3:8-13. If anyone has a scriptural reason why any one of these men should not be appointed as a deacon, please put that in a signed statement and give it to one of the elders by August 21. If these men are found to be worthy of the office of deacon, they will be installed as such on August 23.

Don’t forget to include these men in your prayers, and let them know you are praying for them as they anticipate serving as deacons of the Lord’s church at Estes.

–The Estes elders