Estes Echo

As the Estes congregation has grown from a group of neighbors meeting under a brush arbor to a family of over four hundred souls, many from other parts of the country (and world), her programs have grown along with her. Organized programs of ministry are created in order to help us meet needs that might be overlooked in the ever-expanding body. The need for organization and assignments is at least as old as Acts chapter 6, when complaints about neglected widows resulted in the designating certain men to take responsibility for the ministry. At Estes today we have a wide assortment of ministries based on this same model.

Over the next few weeks, several of our ministries will be showcased in our Ministry Fair in order to help you find an area of involvement. Displays in the lobby will provide basic information. Ministry leaders will be there to answer your questions. Sign-up sheets will be right there for you to put yourself into the work. If you have a heart for widows, elderly folks, and shut-ins, check out our visitation program. If you want to help lead in worship services, or assist in our Bible classes, there are opportunities just waiting. If you are interested in evangelism, missions, local outreach, or participating behind the scenes in the work of the church, Estes has a place for you. Ministries highlighted this first week will include those involving missions and our Lads to Leaders program.

Our theme is “Love, Connect, Serve, Grow.” There is a pulsing energy at Estes with many people seeking ways to genuinely show love and really serve others. While we hope everyone will continue to commit “random acts of kindness,” our organized ministries are designed to meet the needs of the church and community more systematically. If you have been waiting for God to give you a sign or open a door in order for you to fulfill his mission for your life, remember that Jesus modeled simple service to local people every day. Then check out the Ministry Fair and see if there are not some simple ways there for the body of Christ today to continue that fundamental mission.
–Jesse Robertson