Estes Echo

As We Grow

For many years, we have desired to purchase the land south of the Estes property. This parcel was part of a 96 acre tract and for various reasons this purchase was not possible. We were very fortunate that someone purchased approximately 88 acres of the east part of the tract, leaving approximately 8 acres on the front corner, which was exactly what we had always wanted.

The proposal was presented to you in a congregational meeting and your response was overwhelming. The money you have given, along with the August 31st pledges, will pay about half of the purchase. The pledges due by December 31, 2015 will pay the remaining half.

Your August pledges may be given any time between now and August 31st to one of the elders, or by placing your check in the locked box at the welcome center. 100% of your pledge will be paid directly on the land purchase.

We are very blessed at Estes to have the opportunity to support local preaching, benevolence, worldwide missions, international education and feeding programs, as well as our physical plant responsibilities.

Over the last century we have seen Estes grow from a small wood framed structure at the old Estes site to the large, comfortable, multi-purpose facility that we now use.

This land purchase will give us additional opportunities to grow, expand, and serve the Lord in the Estes community, as well as around the world for many years to come. Our prayer is we will use our abilities and resources to His glory.

Thank you for your continued support of all the endeavors of the Estes congregation.

For the elders,
Tony W. Hysmith