Estes College Ministry

By Jonathan Estes

Maybe early in your 2023 reading plan you read Genesis chapter 5 and the genealogy after Adam. In verse 24 we read that “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” It is just a quick blurb that is quite remarkable. This man Enoch had a relationship with God that was so strong, that God took him straight up to heaven.

I want to have a connection with God so strong that people around me can say that I walk with God. I grow that connection when I spend time in study and meditation in His word. I grow that connection when I spend time on my knees in prayer to the Creator and Almighty. I grow that connection when I spend time in worship and public study of scripture.

I also want a connection with other people that want a connection with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 encourages us to connect with others so we can better connect with God. I thrive when I am being built up by my brothers and sisters and encouraged to stay strong and continue growing.

Our connections class on Sunday mornings in the basement is designed to help us connect with one another as we seek to connect more closely with God. The study of God’s Word has made a bigger impact in my life when I have shared with others the beauty, struggles and challenges that we discover on the pages of scripture.

Our college ministry stems from this connection that we seek as we look to serve others while serving God. Students of God’s Word, from age 18 to 80, join together as a large group to discuss topics and passages that challenge introspection and growth. Small groups then reflect on the topic by discussing thought provoking questions centered around the topic. The teacher will tie the group back together the last few minutes of class.

We also seek to connect in our college fellowships on the fourth Sunday night in February and April. These will be hosted at a member’s house and provide opportunities for all of us to connect with others that love God and want to encourage each other to walk with Him.

We are blessed at Estes to have an opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people that want to walk with God. So whether you are a college student spending the next 4 years of your life looking for connection with a new group of believers or you are one of our senior saints looking to connect with the next generation of believers, you will have an opportunity to connect in the Estes College ministry.