Estes Echo

We at Estes are encouraged when we read the “thank you” notes that individuals and families send to us because our members have visited, taken food, sent gifts, phoned, prayed or in some way sent a message that they are loved.

Those who respond to the needs of others do not always realize how important that attention is to the recipients, until we are in the position to receive from others. When we take food, make a call or say a prayer we often do not think it is important. However, when we are on the receiving end we come to realize how significant that attention is. We understand the importance of being our brother’s keeper.

When Jesus describes judgment day in Matthew 25, he says that those who visit the sick and in prison, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and clothe the naked will inherit eternal life because they did this to Jesus.

Let us continue and even increase doing good to those in need.

–Cliff Bennett