Estes Echo

Moving Forward in Haiti

This past week we hired interim houseparents for Sonlight Children’s Home. Martial and Ketty Viciere have agreed to a three-month trial period. They have a sixteen-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. Martial has a bachelor’s degree in political science from a university in Haiti, and ten years experience as a police officer. Ketty is a homemaker and beautician. Martial is also one of the top students in the International School of Theology which Larry Waymire has been leading in Port au Prince for the last two years.

The Vicieres will not move into the home for a couple of weeks. During that time, they will be visiting the home several times each week to get acquainted with the children and to check on repairs and other preparations that are underway there. They will both be on staff full-time at the home. Martial’s ability to speak English is good, and Ketty is learning. They both have committed to continuing to build their English skills.

Many of the children at Sonlight were being homeschooled by Roberta, although a few were enrolled in Haitian schools. This week twelve of the younger children who were in the homeschool track are being enrolled in a nearby Haitian school that agreed to work with our staff to place them at an appropriate grade level and help them integrate now at mid-year. The older children have the opportunity to continue the homeschool curriculum or to receive vocational training. Karen Thomas, Widlord’s new bride, has agreed to oversee their homeschooling in the near term. These changes in school arrangements will increase our education costs. Now would be an excellent time to commit to a regular donation for education. Contact Jesse Robertson ( or Richard Taylor ( for more information on how to conveniently do that.

Widlord and Karen Thomas are still in Texas awaiting the approval of his immigration paperwork. The forms are in the hands of immigration services and, if approved, will allow him to travel freely back and forth to the U.S. for reporting and fundraising. They are also busy with fundraising for their own salary and work fund. If you know of a congregation or individuals that could help, please have them contact Widlord at