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FHU Lectureship 2016: Come Dine at the Table of Righteousness

As he began his “Sermon on the Mount,” Jesus expressed some core ideals for his people in the form of “beatitudes” or blessings (Matt. 5:2-11). Among these beatitudes is a simple but compelling blessing for those who “hunger and thirst after righteousness”—they shall be filled (v. 6). The Lord knew the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from drinking deeply from the well of God’s word, and he wanted us to experience that too.

During the week of February 7-11 you will have the chance to have your hunger satisfied in a special way. The annual FHU Bible Lectureship will take place at the University and you are invited and encouraged to participate. This year’s theme is “In My Place: The Servant Savior in Mark.” Doug Burleson, the Lectureship Director, says, “Mark’s perspective on Christ challenges readers to consider the power of the suffering Savior who ultimately came to pay the price for the sin of humankind. Christians today should not forget the power of the Christ who suffered and died in their place.”

The Lectureship offers several new options this year, including a “Kids’ Lectureship,” Hispanic Ministry Workshop, and lesson series for students, young families, women, and senior saints.

Let’s accept the invitation to dine at the table of righteousness and experience the fulfillment that only God Himself can provide!

–Mark Blackwelder

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