Estes Echo

Toward the Future

Sunday was a very special day for the church at Estes. For more than a decade the Estes leadership has struggled trying to determine the best path forward for future growth of the congregation. We have realized that our classroom space is at or above capacity much of the time, our facilities for fellowship are at capacity for many of our fellowship gatherings and our auditorium is close to full capacity several Sundays throughout the year. The leadership has looked at many options including moving to another location, expanding our facilities to the north behind the Scott house, or attempt to purchase a few acres of land directly to the south of the current church property and add additional facilities in that direction. After looking at all of these options, the eldership has concluded that purchasing additional acreage to our south is the most cost effective path forward.

In times past the church was not able to secure land to our south because it was not for sale but the owners have recently decided to sell. The church has a signed agreement where we can buy 7.95 acres directly south of our current church property for an amount of $7000 / acre. The elders believe this is a fair price and want to proceed with the purchase.

We asked our members to consider making a pledge or contribution towards this purchase as we handed out pledge sheets for you to take home. We are asking each of our members, between now and Wednesday, July 16th, to prayerfully consider how you will respond to this request. Please complete your pledge and bring it with you as we gather for worship over the next two weeks. A drop box is available at the welcome center for you to drop in your response. Additional pledge sheets are available at the center as well. If you had rather not sign your sheet, that is fine too.

Above all, please pray for this effort and the church at Estes as we all work earnestly to bring glory and honor to God the Father, His son and our Lord and King, and His bride, the church.

–The Estes Elders