Estes Echo

A New Era in Haiti

Continuing to do mission work in Haiti without our sister Roberta is a new era indeed. We counted on her faith, energy, wisdom, and enthusiasm to make good things happen. It requires many people to do what she was doing, and the fact is that we will never replace her. It is the Lord’s work, however, and that is never supposed to depend on just one person.

Martial and Ketsy Viciere are the new houseparents employed by the Estes congregation to care for the children at Sonlight Children’s Home. They have two children of their own, a daughter and a son. They love these young people and are doing a good job. It is always difficult when a family loses a parent and then others have to step in to provide care. Please pray for the children and the Vicieres in this transition.

Widlord and Karen Thomas are the new innkeepers at our guest house for campaign teams. Karen is from Paris, Texas, and she is jumping into the work with both feet. She is already learning the language and is ready to tackle any challenge. Please pray for these newlyweds as they both adjust to married life and as Karen integrates into Haitian culture and ministry as a missionary.

Another element of this new era is the transition of older young people (over 18) out of the children’s home. Estes is committed to helping them transition to greater independence over the next two years. Unemployment is high in Haiti (60-70%) and it is not simple for them to get a job and become self-sufficient. Recognizing that each one of these young adults is unique, we have been working for several months to develop transition plans for each one. The intent is that they will have food, clothing, shelter, educational opportunities, and spiritual guidance during this time. Please pray for them to be able to find meaningful work and to continue to grow as disciples.

–Jesse Robertson