Estes Echo

Goal Setting

Each January the Estes elders have a one day retreat at Chickasaw State Park. We spend the day talking about the Lord’s work at Estes. We finalize the budget for the coming year, talk about possible sermon topics, discuss the spiritual and physical needs of our congregation and in general try to find ways to push forward the cause of Christ. Toward the end of our day we set concrete goals for our work as elders of this wonderful congregation of believers.

Below are the goals we have set for ourselves for 2015.

Short Term Goals

  1. Continue to strengthen programs such as Connections, 6:2 Ministry, and Visitation Program to build stronger relationships and promote spiritual growth among members and non-members.
  2. Explore opportunities to reach the Hispanic community.
  3. Better utilize our present building in order to add classroom space.
  4. Evaluate each mission point for which we are the sponsoring congregation.
  5. Have at least one congregational meeting.
  6. Have at least two meetings with the deacons.
  7. Explore new stateside mission.

Long Term Goals

  1. Develop a long range plan for our physical plant.
  2. Have every household visited by one or more elders within the next two years.

–Allen Walker