Estes Echo

FHU’s Annual Bible Lectureship

Give Us a King: Faith Failure, and Forgiveness in Samuel

One of the greatest marks of the divine inspiration of the Bible is the fact that thousands of years after it was produced it continues to be so applicable to “what’s happening now.” The focus of this year’s FHU Bible lectureship is testimony to that. Note the following quote from the Lectureship brochure:

“The books of Samuel challenge us to live faithfully in the midst of cultural confusion, generational change, and personal failure. These books present a God who reacts decisively to sin, but who stands ever ready to forgive. We observe both the tragic results of an unexamined life and the spiritual victories of those who learn from failure.”

“Cultural confusion, generational change, personal failure.” Does any of that sound relevant to today’s concerns? Indeed, the scriptures speak to what we are called to deal with in our personal lives and in our relationships.

On February 1-5, the FHU Bible Lectureship will bring hundreds of people to Henderson for a rich study of the books of Samuel. It is a great opportunity for us to join them in an examination of the scriptures as we seek to grow in our faith. Feel free to pick up a brochure at the welcome center in the lobby here at Estes and find some of the sessions to attend. See you there!

–Mark Blackwelder