Estes Echo

Looking Ahead to 2015

If you want to make 2015 a great year, here are a few suggestions.

Do everything with a higher purpose in mind. Be intentional and make decisions with a purpose in mind. Think about the consequences of your actions, and choose wisely before you act. Make a point to make sure your compass is guiding your day, not just the clock. Adopt a “do it now” attitude toward those things that are important but keep getting pushed back. Let the two greatest commandments–love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself–become central to your purpose.

Take steps for more meaningful relationships. Read a book on marriage. Play games with your family. Dare to talk with your children about things you wrestled with when you were their age. Seek greater intimacy by sharing more of your own heart. Ask significant questions and give honest answers. Take the initiative to get acquainted with people outside your normal crowd. Renew your relationships with your siblings. Call and visit Grandma and Grandpa twice as much.

Do more good. Evaluate each day to see if you did a little good. Be more helpful. Stop complaining when asked to help. Prompt yourself to think of chores that you can take care of so that others know they are loved. Look for opportunities to give, and then give generously. Determine that you would rather wear out than rust out. Look around at who is doing good and ask them if you can join them in some of their activities. Volunteer to teach a Bible class. Face your fear of commitment and sign up for those activities that require it. Embody the change that you want the world to experience.

Deepen your trust in God. Take time each day to rest in the thought that he loves you and gave his Son for you. Acknowledge those situations that are beyond your control and deliberately place them in God’s hands. After your Bible reading, meditate on what the reading implies about God’s trustworthiness. Spend time remembering how God has shown his care for you in the past, then consider how that speaks to the present and future. Assert your faith. Ask yourself how a Christian should think and feel. Confess often to God and others your dependence on him.

Higher purpose, more meaningful relationships, greater good accomplished, and deeper faith–with these 2015 will be an outstanding year, no matter what else happens!

–Jesse Robertson