Estes Echo

Daily Bible Readings for 2015

Why read your Bible every day?

  • To know God better
  • To get wisdom
  • For spiritual nourishment
  • For deeper understanding
  • For instruction
  • For encouragement
  • To endure
  • For hope

The benefits are plentiful and there are many daily Bible reading tools available today to help you choose to partake of God’s Word in 2015. You can search for apps that bring a selection to your computer or mobile device each day. You can choose to read the entire Bible in a year or read parts of it. You can choose to read chronologically or straight through. In 2015, we will provide one option you can use to help in your daily readings. Our Daily Bible Reading plan provides selections from both the Old Testament and New Testament each day.

The weekly schedule will be printed in the Estes Echo. Monthly schedules are emailed to Estes members and hard copies are available at the Welcome Center.

We encourage everyone to participate in this or another program and read your Sword daily this year.