Estes Echo

Last year at the very first Kids for Haiti Fair, we saw an outpouring of love from our children, parents, and Estes members. The wares and services our children offered for sale showcased their varying personalities and talents – we had baked goods, crafts, artwork, and even performances! Customers at the Fair were very generous and encouraging and our children gifted over $1,400 to the elders to support our continuing mission in Haiti.

Our kids are excited to participate in this year’s Kids for Haiti Fair. Please plan on attending – Sunday, November 6, after evening worship. Bring finger foods so we can fuel up before our shopping extravaganza. Bring open hearts and wallets and support our youngest family members who are learning all about what it means to be caring servants of God and how their talents and ideas can make a difference.

Estes kids who would like to participate, be sure and sign up on the lobby bulletin board so we can make sure we have space reserved for you.