Estes Echo


Psalm 85:6

About forty years ago, when I was a student at Freed-Hardeman University, the Estes Church of Christ was my church home. What a privilege to come back home and preach in a revival on September 11-14.

In the few days together, we will be looking at some of life’s greatest questions. The Bible, the B-I-B-L-E, is Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Sometimes I like to say that the Bible, the B-I-B-L-E, is Basic Inquiries Before Leaving Earth. You see, the Bible is filled with a number of wonderful questions. Questions like…

  • Will you not revive us again?
  • Why has all this happened to us?
  • What must I do to be saved?
  • Why do you wait?

Man doesn’t have the answers to the key questions of life, but God does. In fact, he has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness (ll Peter 1:3).

As we anticipate our revival, there are a few things that I want you to do. First, pray. Pray for the success of the revival. Pray for the church and the community. Pray for me, your visiting evangelist. Pray for God to be glorified and the lost to be saved. As Paul said, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved” (Romans 10:1).

Second, plan. Plan on being present for every service. I know that life is busy. There are classes to attend, work to manage, schedules to keep, places to be and new friends to make. So much demands our time and attention. But put first things first. Come for every service and have a little fellowship with Jesus. Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).

Third, plead. Plead with a loved one to come. Pass on an invitation to a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker or a classmate. Perhaps you could say, “Hey, let’s have dinner together on Tuesday evening and then we will go and share a spiritual meal together.” All of us can be like Philip. We can say to someone we love, “Come and see” (John 1:46).

Fourth, be positive. Expect great things to happen. Will anybody be saved? Will a backslidden brother repent? Will the prodigal come home? Will the discouraged be encouraged? Be optimistic. Be enthusiastic. Anticipate awesome results. Paul penned in Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Fifth, prepare. Prepare your heart to receive the word of God. As the Bereans, receive the messages with great eagerness and examine daily the things that will be said (Acts 17:11). Prepare your soul for eternity. As Amos said to ancient Israel, “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel” (Amos 4:12).

I’m excited about being at Estes. If we do our part, God will do his part. I’ve got an idea–why don’t you stop right now and pray for the revival. Pray as did the Psalmist, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6).

Go ahead. Pray.

–Keith Parker, evangelist, Hendersonville, TN