The Black Friday Alternative – Gifts that Matter!

If you are like most people, you are thinking about Christmas shopping this time of year. Black Friday is a time for scoring good deals on lots of merchandise.  What if you could skip the early morning crowds and the lines and all the craziness this year?  What if you could give gifts to your loved ones that will make a difference in someone else’s life?  What if instead of one more tie or cookbook or electronic device you gave the gift of food, books, or clothing to a child in a developing country?

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This Christmas consider giving those hard-to-shop-for people on your list the gift of helping a child in their name.  For $25 you can give the gift of either one pair of tennis shoes for a child or school books for one child.  A gift of $50 would purchase 5 days worth of milk for the children’s home or one 50 lb. bag of beans for the nutrition center. When you click on the link to donate, you will be able to “add special instructions to the seller” where you can include the gift you are choosing and the recipient’s name and address.  We will then send them a card with the information about how you have honored them through this gift.  You also have the option of having the card sent to you so that you can present it to them when you choose – just include that information in the special instructions.  Cards will begin going out on Dec. 15, unless you specify another date.  You can also let us know if you’d rather receive an emailed certificate to print out to give as a gift.  You can add one address for every gift given.

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What other way can shopping for a gift be so meaningful?  So, skip the crowds, and do your shopping right now.  Honor your mom, dad, grandparent, boss, teacher, or friend.  This is one gift that won’t ever get old, and it will be a blessing to a child who desperately needs it.


Don’t hesitate to email or call 731-989-7990 if you have any questions.

Click below to give and don’t forget to give the gift address details!

$25 – One Pair of Tennis Shoes for a child  

$25 – School Books for one child                       

$50 – 5 days of milk for all the children at the children’s home                                       

$50 – One 50lb. bag of beans for the nutrition center