Greater Than Zero


Here is the new set of teachers for the school at the Santo Church of Christ. The school has been reorganized this year with new staff, a new director, and a new school board. Classes range from kindergarten through high school, and courses include French, Spanish, algebra, biology, chemistry, and Bible. Most of the children sponsored in our Nutrition Center also attend this school.


The photo above shows some very hard-working, dedicated educators. When you sponsor a child through the Estes Education Program in Haiti, some of that money is used to pay these teachers’ salaries. Sponsorship touches many different lives, and it creates many ripples that will have positive effects long into the future!

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that any positive number is greater than zero. Many times when people explain why they don’t give to a cause or sponsor a child they say, “I can’t afford to give very much, and the little I could give won’t make a difference.” This is just not true. Giving nothing is the thing that won’t make a difference, but giving something, even a small amount, can be used by God. A quote from author and blogger Sarah Mackenzie helps illustrate this point further. She writes, “God is not asking me to feed the five thousand. He just wants me to bring my basket of loaves and fish and lay them at His feet.”

What small gift can you bring to lay at His feet today? Can you commit to $20 a month? $10? Imagine if three people who were previously giving $0/month each decided to give $10/month. Together they have given what amounts to a full Nutrition Center sponsorship to feed a child for a month.  That’s 2 hot meals a day for a child who might not otherwise be fed all because some people decided that a small amount was better than zero! Can one of those people be you?

Come partner with Estes to be a part of this work. We are so much better when we work together. There is a great need right now to help support several programs in Haiti. We want all the children who are currently in the Nutrition and Education program to be able to continue. You can be a part of making sure that happens.

You can start right now. Just click the link below and enter any amount you choose. You can select to make it a recurring monthly gift so that you don’t have to worry about writing a check each month. These funds go to Estes and will be used for the program in Haiti that has the greatest need. Don’t let hesitation about having a small gift stop you from offering it today.

If we can help in any way or answer questions you may have, please email