Estes Echo

Wow, What a Week!

Vacation Bible School 2015 at Estes was a tremendous week! VBS experienced record crowds every night, averaging over 460.

Have you ever wanted to look inside a beehive to see all the activity but were afraid to? With a stroll down the hall of the preschool area and a peep though the door, you would have witnessed many, many busy little “bees”, eager little boys and girls, and lots and lots of dedicated adults. Think about managing 9 in the nursery, 20 two year olds, and 27 three and four year olds every night!

10 registrars, 28 tribe leaders, 139 tribe members, multiple song leaders, 76 creative learning center workers, 28 preschool teachers, 8 cookie ladies, many cookie bakers, 6000 cookies, 3 coke men, 60 gallons of coke, 11 gallons of milk, 3 crafters, 4 auditorium teachers, 1 bell ringer (and one wannabe), 1 education director and 6 assistants, an adult class averaging 64, and 56 folks wandering around, all working for the same cause. Yes, it’s a long and tiring week, but a fun filled week that many, young and old alike, will remember as we saw the Giants of Genesis come to life.

A huge congratulations is due to all who participated in every way and a big thank you to Jason for his fearless leadership!

It is amazing that 1852 souls came through our doors throughout the four nights, all learning more about God and His creation. If you weren’t involved, we missed you; if you were involved, we thank you!

It is not too early to get your name on the list for Vacation Bible School 2016. The spots will go quickly, so don’t get left out. Be a Booster!

–the elders