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New TV Program – Sunday 6:30am

Fabric of Family is a TV program that is designed to address family issues from a biblical perspective; it will now be available for viewing in the West TN area on the CBS affiliate at WBBJ TV and might be of interest to readers of the Estes Echo. It is presented in the form of a magazine-style program, integrating several short family-related segments along with a panel discussion led by Barry Gilreath, minister of the Jackson Heights Church of Christ in Florence, AL. The program was originally designed to complement the programming of the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) to address needed family topics; however, in recent years it has also entered other media venues as a stand-alone program.

Fabric of Family was originally under the oversight of the Highland church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia, where Gilreath preached for almost thirteen years. When he accepted the work with the Jackson Heights congregation in Florence, Alabama, the oversight was transferred to the elders at JHCC.

Fabric of Family is entirely a labor of love. Neither the host nor any guests are compensated for time or travel expense. 100% of the financial support received goes towards the actual costs of producing the program and purchasing air time on the networks.

The core of Fabric of Family is the family table discussion. Typically, Gilreath will have two guests to discuss a particular family topic from the Bible’s perspective. Most of these guests are preachers in the Lord’s church. He tries to involve preachers in the viewing areas by enlisting them as guests when possible. Occasionally, Gilreath will interview a guest who is not a preacher, but has a special life experience and perspective in a family-related area.

The overall objective is to supply a comprehensive television program that is biblically-based, visually appealing, and will interest all demographics in a scriptural fashion. Fabric of Family provides a needed venue for today’s families rooted in the Word of God. As more people learn of the broadcast, it grows in popularity and viewership. As financial support increases, new markets will be added to expand coverage. The hope is that our families will be strengthened and brought closer to God through this program.

For an overview of the entirety of Fabric of Family, please review the brief video presentation below.

–Edited from information provided by Barry Gilreath, host of Fabric of Family.
Submitted on behalf of the Estes elders