Estes Echo

The beautiful poinsettias that will be displayed in our auditorium during the holiday season have special meaning. Below is a list of those who provided the plants and who they are honoring. Thank you to Nancy Bennett for coordinating this project.

Mildred Beard in memory of Scott Family
Willard and Linda Beshires in memory of Holly Beshires
Kenneth and Patsy Davis in memory of their Parents
Mary Lou Hardy in memory of Neil Hardy
Hibbett and Moore Families in memory of Gene Hibbett
Rick and Brenda Johnson in memory of Traci Johnson
Nathan and Melissa Judd & Mitch and Natalie Zlatovich in memory of Mary Shook
Maness Family in memory of Retta Maness
Libby Maynard in memory of Ralph Maynard
Marti McDaniel in memory of Hank McDaniel and her parents
Anne Phillips in memory of O.H. Phillips
Rex and Denise Phillips in memory of Vicki Ellis and C.H. Phillips
David and Keith Ross in memory of Willie Mae Ross
Jurilee Rouse in memory of J.B. and Keith Rouse
Mark and Diane Stewart in memory of Lester and Ruth Stewart