Christmas Gifts for Haiti

In 1998, Roberta started the children’s home when she took in two orphaned boys to live with her.  It has grown over the years and she now has 22 children.   When asked, Roberta strongly proclaims that she does not have an orphanage.
“Our home is a place of love, security and spiritual growth.  We work together to maintain, manage and protect our home.  The older children look out for the younger children.  Everyone has chores and by the time a young person leaves our home, we hope that he/she has life skills and core values necessary to be a successful, productive Christian in today’s world.  We participate in family Bible studies twice a day.  In the mornings we read a chapter in the book of Proverbs and then everyone has to discuss a verse or verses that are particularly important to them.  The evening Bible studies are led by the young men in our home and vary in topic and variety.
The children are home schooled using a popular curriculum from the states.  The children are then tutored in French and Spanish languages.  When a child leaves here, they are exposed to four languages.  Not all children go to college but we do try to help those that want to to go to trade school.
The older children take turns managing the nutrition center for several months at a time.  We have one daughter that does the purchasing of fresh food weekly while another child actually divides and provides necessary items for the cooking in the nutrition center daily.
The children work together to manage our tilapia farm, chicken project where we provide eggs for small business owners and  a needed protein source for the children’s home and the nutrition center.  We have just begun a rabbit project that after 1 year has finally begun to show some promise.  Our rabbits have produced 22 babies in the last three weeks.  We hope to fill yet another protein source for the children’s home and nutrition center.”
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This Christmas you can help support Roberta’s work in Haiti where, among other things, she manages the Children’s Home and the Nutrition Center.  At the Nutrition Center children are fed hot meals everyday when many children in Haiti may only eat a couple of times a week if they are lucky.  These children that come to the nutrition center are also sponsored through the Education Program so they can go to school as well.  Roberta’s work is so important.  You can be a part of this work by choosing from the gifts below.  When you give one of these gifts, you can honor a friend or loved one for Christmas.  They will receive a card detailing the gift you have given in their name.  All you need to do is to include this information when you complete your purchase.  This year, give a gift that matters and will make a difference to a child in need.

$25 – One pair of tennis shoes for a child in the children’s home

$25 – School books for one child      

$25- Eggs for the children’s home for one month                 

$50 – 5 days of milk for all the children at the children’s home                                       

$50 – One 50lb. bag of beans for the nutrition center

$50 – 5 Bibles

$50- 5 Laying hens for the egg selling project


When you click below you will be able to complete your purchase.  Include in the notes the specific gift you are choosing, your name/address and the honoree’s name/address.  If you’d like to have the card sent directly to you so that you can present it as a gift, just specify that as well.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email – or call the Estes Church at 731-989-7990.